Overseas Ministries

Faith Baptist Church began its mission in the year 2000. Faith Baptist church has been volunteering in enhancing the social welfare of people in SriLanka. We believed that it was our utmost mission to help the people in SriLanka who were greatly affected by the war in SriLanka.

We volunteered by achieving the below mentioned mission goals.

  • Our intial step was to provide an healthy environment for the younger generation by adopting 25 children who were severely afflicted.We established a refuge home called "ADAIKALAM" in Eastern SriLanka for the well-being of the children.
  • We amassed funds and endeavored to avail the people who were greatly affected by Tsunami,by availing the injured ,providing their daily needs , supply aliment, apparel and built homes.
  • Since 2006, Faith Baptist church is supporting 5 Pastors financially, who are ministering in the extreme tribal villages of SriLanka. They are sharing the word of God among the very poor people and are also trying to improve their lifestyle by providing education.
  • >Our Pastor had visited 7 villages in South India in the year 2007 and shared the word of God to the people. By the grace of the Lord, 50 people were baptized and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Additionally we were able to establish a church in one of these villages. Since the people in these villages, emanate from very vigorous Hindu background and are orthodox, it is very arduous to spread the word of God among them due to the religious, political and local forces which are against Christianity.
  • We selected 7 Evangelists to minister among these tribal villages and we helped them to grow strong by teaching them the word of God during our visits. These Evangelists are facing life threatening warnings for preaching the word of God in these tribal villages. We are constantly praying for them and are supporting them financially.
  • Our Pastor visits India every 4 months for this mission and by the grace and blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ, 317 people who are living in interior villages and in slums have been baptized.
  • In 2008, God helped us to plant 7 Churches in the Tamil speaking regions of South India and also in Tamil Nadu. In spring 2009 out of 7 evangelists we selected 4 of them and ordained them as Pastors. Our Churches are located in different districts in the state of Tamil Nadu.

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