Our Pastor

Rev.Anton Sinnathamby is the Senior and Lead Pastor of Faith Baptist Church. He is a board member of Norwegian Baptist Union.He received Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior in the year 1985. He has been serving the Lord fervently and began the Faith Baptist Church in Oslo, Norway in the year 2001. He has traveled across India, Sri Lanka, Cyprus,Norway, preaching and teaching the masses about the love of Jesus Christ. He has been involved in many mission works across India, Sri Lanka and Cyprus. He is recognized as a catalyst to help individuals grow into lifelong Christian disciples who follow Jesus Christ. He is loved and well respected for his strong leadership and a great passion for God. He is married to Edna Anurekha and has 2 children Isaac Sinnathamby and Paul Sinnathamby. He is an energetic speaker in God and his down-to-earth approach to living a Christian life engages, brings hope and meaning to hearts from every kind of background.

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