Our aim is to lead youth to Christ.

We believe that God has great plans for youth who are the current future. We have many youth activities for encouraging youth to grow in God. The main purpose of this ministry is to bring youth closer to God and to one another.

We encourage youth to develop an intimate relationship with God, by teaching the word of God and praying for them. God has a purpose and plan for every Christian; to know Him (John 17:3), serve Him and make His name known.

Our aim is to provide an atmosphere which will help the youth to grow spiritually. We have regular Bible study programs for the youth.Also we encourage the youth to spread the Gospel by sharing Gospel tracks to people in the streets of Oslo,Norway

We have begun a youth group called "Generation Christ". To get more updates regarding this, please like our fb page

Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker...Psalm 95:6.

We join together to sing praises in Tamil, for our Lord every Sunday.
Our worship is all about praising and honoring God with our worship songs. We focus on encouraging believers to honor God by singing praises with all their heart. We constantly remind each other that worship is all about who God is and not about who we are.
It is about the Creator, not the created. It is about what we give HIM and not about what we might get in return.
We have choir rehearsals every first Saturday at 10:00 a.m. We encourage believers to join the choir. We need YOU in the choir.

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